The capers

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The capers of the Aeolian Islands have a bright green color with pink stripes, a plump and tight shape and a crunchy texture, with an intense aroma.
The variety is called "Nocella", but what makes the Aeolian capers so special is the care in reproducing the plant, by cuttings and not through the seeds, which led to a strict genetic selection, obtaining high quality plants that are strong and perfectly integrated into the territory.
The result is a completely natural cultivation, as the plants do not require any added product, which together with the preservation of the traditions linked to the care in the preparation of the caper, allows to better preserve its organoleptic characteristics.

Those we know as capers are the flower buds of the caper plant. If you let the bud bloom, then it becomes a berry containing the seeds, called "cucuncio", which is also edible.

After being harvested, the capers are salted to make them purge the bitterness. After a month from the harvest they are ready to be used.
In salt, they can be stored for years.
They can be used as they are, instead of regular salt, or desalted for one night in water to use them fresh, or preserved in vinegar, brine or oil.

In the Aeolian recipes, the caper is a real protagonist, in salads, with fish, in sauces or vegetables.
It allows you to experiment and very seldom feels out of place.